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Feature: comments on product pages

From now on, whether you have a question before purchasing, or looking for support, or just in the mood to write some kind words, you can use the comments section on the product pages.

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New Products – Components and Moar LEDs

Welcome back to another “New Products” post. This time we have some LEDs and prototyping components.

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New Products – a Little Bit of Everything

Hello and welcome back. This time we have two new breakout boards and some prototyping tools.

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New Products – Boards, LEDs & Prototyping

We have some new products, and with these we surpass the +100 products in the catalog. Thank you. We can’t thank our customers enough.

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I²C Communication Protocol

In this quick tutorial you will learn about the I²C communication protocol. You may have already noticed that I²C is widely used in the embedded world, to plug and read all those wonderful sensors. Let’s see why.

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Controlling the AK-DS1307 RTC from Java (SE) on a Raspberry Pi

Thanks to Laurence Vanhelsuwe, of Software Pearls, for submitting this article.

One of the nit-picking criticisms the Raspberry Pi boards get, is that they do not have an on-board real-time clock. When the power is switched off, those poor Raspberries forget what time and day it is.

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Enabling the I2C on the Raspberry Pi

In this quick tutorial we’ll enable the I2C bus on the Raspberry Pi.

By default the Raspberry Pi comes with the I2C channel disabled. In order to enable it we have two options: enable it “on-demand” or enable it by modifying some configuration files so it’s enabled by default at every start-up.

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About LEDs

LEDs are everywhere. From your keyboard to remote controls. Initially used for indication purposes, now we can see them on big wall screens or illuminating entire rooms. In this quick guide you’ll learn the basics about LEDs and some tips and tricks. Read more

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