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AK-MP3209 Boost Converter Guide

Follow this guide and power up 5V and 12V devices from a LiPo battery with the Artekit AK-MP3209 Boost Converter.

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Hand-soldering SMT components

In this quick guide I will show some tips on how to hand-solder SMT components (precisely, a 36-pin QFN STM32) to a DIP adapter.

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Raspberry Pi Real-Time Clock (RTC) with the AK-DS1340 module

In this guide we will workaround the lack of RTC in the Raspberry Pi by adding an external RTC module: the AK-DS1340 board.

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About LEDs – Part 2 – LED Backlight

This article is about LEDs connected in series. We’ll focus in LEDs for LCD backlight, but the content also applies to most strings of serially connected LEDs.

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Meet the Artekit PropBoard

Hello, we have some news. We are officially announcing the availability of the PropBoard! As you may know, we have announced the PropBoard some months ago, then it went through a BETA test period, and now is officially on sale!

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PropBoard: BETA batch is here

Oh, hi there! A quick update about our latest product, the PropBoard. As announced, we have been rolling a BETA version batch, and we have finished it this week.

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May the Fourth with a Special Announcement

It’s been a while since our last news post, but today is May 4, and we pull our heads out of the lab to celebrate our favorite saga and to make an exciting announcement.

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Happy 2017! New Year, New Products!

Happy 2017!!!

We have some exciting news and also new products to start the new year. Let’s check them out.

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