If what you need is to switch a lot of power, then you are looking at the right place. This is a N-Channel MOSFET capable of switching over ~4A and 600V, allowing you to drive high voltage devices with common low voltage devices (like a microcontroller).


  • Drain-source voltage: 600V
  • Gate-source voltage: ±30V
  • Continuous drain current:
    • VGS = 10 V, TC = 25 °C: 6.2A
    • VGS = 10 V, TC = 100 °C: 3.9A
  • Ultra low gate charge.
  • Reduced gate drive requirement.
  • Enhanced 30 V, VGS Rating.
  • Reduced Ciss, Coss, Crss.
  • Extremely high frequency operation.



N-Channel MOSFET

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 28.7 × 10.40 × 4.42 mm



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IRFBC40LC - N-Channel Power MOSFET - 6.2A/600V

N-Channel Power MOSFET. Drain-source voltage: 600V. Continuous drain current: 6.2A (25°C).


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