About Artekit Labs

Artekit Labs is a growing start-up and online store that creates and builds electronic boards and gadgets for hobbyists, DIYers, makers and professionals. We aim to deliver the best electronic resources to help you in your projects and designs.

From simple DIP adapters and components, to high-end development boards. We run this retail store since 2012, from the heart of Le Marche region in Italy, where electronics and musical instruments have a long and proud history.

Since the beginning we shipped more than 30000 orders across the globe and helped in many projects, including Fortune 100 companies.

We make our products

We design and manufacture most of our boards and gadgets. This is the only way to be in control of every aspect, from initial design to customer support. At Artekit there is always a creative environment that leads to create the next cool gadget, to find ideas to lower prices while keeping up the quality, to think what can be useful to our customers.


Our philosophy is based on the access to knowledge. We believe that everybody should have access to the information to learn any field of interest. We do electronics, so we develop and we will keep developing boards and accessories so everybody can learn and design with simple and economic tools. Our focus points to the simple-but-powerful. Artekit brings all the pieces to start to working on simple and advanced applications at a very low cost.

Artekit is fully committed to protect the environment. For us, environmental protection is a must, so we are continuously researching for production environmental-safe processes, aimed to meet the expectations of our customers, employees, and the community in which our products are manufactured, marketed and used.

All our boards are SMD-mounted using RoHS processing by Cabre Elettronica SRL, an highly qualified ISO 9000 company located in Turin, Italy (http://www.cabreelettronica.it).