Use this breakout board to add up to eight more outputs to your microcontroller. This board breaks out the pins of a SN74LV595 8-bit shift register from Texas Instruments in a convenient daisy-chainable layout. By chaining several SN74LV595 shift registers you can add more output pins.

The 74LV595 is compatible with the well-know 74HC595. The main difference is that the 74LV595 can sink more current on its output pins: 16mA at 5V versus the 6mA of the 74HC595. It works well with a power supply and signals from 2V up to 5.5V.

The board comes populated with the decoupling capacitor on VCC, and pull-ups on the OE and CLR signals (so the shift-register outputs are in tri-state when powered up).

The pins of the board are 0.1 (2.54mm) spaced and there are two mounting holes. The pins are divided in three groups: inputs (the SER-IN pin row), the outputs (from QA to QH pins) and a third group where you can chain the next 74LV595 (the SER-OUT pin row).


  • Input from 2V up to 5.5V.
  • High-speed input frequency.
  • Mounting holes.



Additional information

Weight 0.006 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 1 mm



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AK-SN74LV595 – 8-bit Shift Register

Breakout board for the Texas Instruments SN74LV595 serial-in parallel-out 8-bit shift register.


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