This is a breakout board for the Bosch’s BMG160 triaxial digital gyroscope sensor. This MEMS sensor allows you to measure angular rates individually for every axis (X, Y and Z) with full-scale ranges that go from ±125 to ±2000 Degrees per Second (dps).

The BMG160 has plenty of options, for example data FIFO, full-scale selection, integrated low-pass filters, low power modes, different kinds of compensations. There is also the possibility to select the communication channel to use (I2C or SPI) by a pin that we kindly expose through a solder jumper.

The sensor also features a temperature sensor and 2 configurable interrupt pins that can be used to monitor new available data, any-motion and high-angular rate events (like shock detection).

The board features 4 mounting holes, 0.1″ (2.54mm) pins and two dedicated solder jumpers to enable the integrated pull-ups on the I2C lines.

The board comes fully tested and as shown on the images.


  • 2.4V to 3.3V power supply.
  • 16-bit digital resolution.
  • Switchable full-scale ranges (5 ranges).
  • Configurable interrupts.
  • I2C or SPI interface selectable with solder jumper.
  • I2C pull-ups selectable with solder jumpers.
  • Low-pass filters.
  • Integrated temperature sensor.
  • 4 Mounting holes.


  • Image stabilization.
  • UAV and robotics.
  • Gesture recognition.
  • Gaming controllers.
  • Dead-reckoning.




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Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 23 × 21 × 1 mm



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AK-BMG160 - 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope

Breakout board for the Bosch Sensortech digital triaxial gyroscope sensor.


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