Materialize your breadboard projects into this practical solderable breadboard. The board is like an actual 400-point breadboard, with the same connections and power rails, but with the difference that you can solder on it, turning your projects permanently neat.

Artekit 400-Point Solderable Breadboard

The board comes with labels on the top side just like a traditional breadboard, simplifying the reconstruction of your working project onto the board. The bottom side instead comes without solder mask so you can cut the traces when needed.



  • Standard 400-point breadboard size.
  • Solderable.
  • Separable power rails.
  • 6 mounting holes.
  • Can be used with Arduino headers.
  • Can be used as an Arduino shield.
  • ENIG plated contacts.


Additional information

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 81 × 54 × 15 mm



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Artekit 400-Point Solderable Breadboard

A 400-point solderable breadboard with some extras.


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