The AK-RS232-LED is a TTL-to-RS232 converter board that converts TTL signals from a microcontroller UART (typically 3.3V or 5V) to RS232 signals like the ones you can find on a PC or MAC (much like our classic AK-RS232 board). But in this new version we have added four LEDs to show the state of the RX/TX/CTS/RTS lines.



This adapter can be used with any microcontroller (PIC, Atmel, ARM, ARM Cortex, Renesas, etc), and allows bidirectional communication: converts signals from TTL to RS232 and from RS232 to TTL. The AK-RS232-LED board accepts power supplies and TTL signals from 3.3V up to 5V.

The board is built around an ST3232B chip from STmicroelectronics, and drives all the signals you can typically find in a serial port. That is: RX/TX and CTS/RTS.

We also ship a TTL to RS232 converter breakout board without the DB9 connector. The board comes fully populated and tested.


  • Converts signals from TTL to RS232 and from RS232 to TTL.
  • 4 inidicator LEDs (one for for each TTL signal).
  • High speed (typically 400 kbps, 300 kbps minimum guaranteed).
  • Works with any PC or Laptop.
  • Suitable to interface any microcontroller, such as  Microchip PIC, Atmel and any Cortex.
  • Fully designed and assembled in Italy.
  • Manufactured with a top-quality, two layers PCB.



NOTE: For high-volume (+100) purchases please use the contact form for ordering and discounts.

Additional information

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 10 mm

Male, Female



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AK-RS232-LED – TTL to RS232 converter with LEDs

A TTL-to-RS232 converter board with practical indicator LEDs and DB9 connector.


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