This breakout board allows you to have 8 Mbit (1 MByte) of extra flash memory. You can connect to your microcontroller using the SPI and it’s very useful for those projects you need to do some heavy logging.

The SST25VF080B is very fast (up to 80Mhz!), has great endurance (typical 100000 cycles) and more than 100 years of data retention.

The board comes fully populated and tested. In the links below you can find an example Arduino sketch with some functions to read and write the SST25VF080B.

Breadboard friendly, has its header with 0.1″ spacing so you can solder a pin strip.


  • 2.7V to 3.6V supply voltage.
  • SPI interface (mode 0 and mode 3).
  • 80 Mhz high speed clock.
  • Flexible Erase Capability:
    • Uniform 4 KByte sectors.
    • Uniform 32 KByte overlay blocks.
    • Uniform 64 KByte overlay blocks.
  • Fast Erase and Byte-Program:
    • Chip-Erase Time: 35 ms (typical).
    • Sector-/Block-Erase Time: 18 ms (typical).
    • Byte-Program Time: 7 μs (typical).
  • Breadboard friendly.




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Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14.8 × 3.61 mm


7 years 6 months ago

Is this part discontinued? If not, what is estimated date for new shipping?

7 years 6 months ago

Hi. We are re-stocking this part and will be available by mid November.


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AK-SST25VF080B 8 Mbit SPI Serial Flash Breakout

Breakout board for the SST25VF080B 8 Mbit SPI Serial Flash.


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