These are metal film resistors, 1/4W with 1% tolerance. Metal film resistors are often better than carbon film resistors, because carbon film is noisier and tend to drift its value with age and heat, while metal film has a more gradual curve.

They come in packs of 10, in the following values:

  • 1Ω, 2.2Ω, 4.7Ω, 10Ω, 22Ω, 47Ω, 100Ω, 220Ω, 330Ω
  • 470Ω, 680Ω, 1KΩ, 2.2KΩ, 3.3KΩ, 4.7KΩ, 10KΩ, 22KΩ,
  • 47KΩ, 100KΩ, 220KΩ, 330KΩ, 470KΩ and 1MΩ.

Use the drop-down menu to select the desired value.

The resistors come in packs of 10, in a small plastic bag with the value written on a label.


Additional information

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 50 × 62 × 2.8 mm

1Ω, 2.2Ω, 4.7Ω, 10Ω, 22Ω, 47Ω, 100Ω, 220Ω, 330Ω, 470Ω, 680Ω, 1KΩ, 2.2KΩ, 3.3KΩ, 4.7KΩ, 10KΩ, 22KΩ, 47KΩ, 100KΩ, 220KΩ, 330KΩ, 470KΩ, 1MΩ



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Metal Film Resistors 1% – 1/4W – Pack of 10

Pack of 10 metal film resistors, 1/4W, 1% tolerance. Many values available.


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