The AK-4XRS485/422 – USB to RS485/422 Converter is a board that converts USB into RS485/422 allowing you to connect your PC/MAC into a network of RS485/422 devices. It features a genuine FTDI FT4232HL with four independent RS485/422 channels that you can use to communicate with other devices by accessing virtual serial ports in your PC/MAC.

The four channels are available on the board through practical screw terminals. You can also purchase the board without the screw terminals to directly solder wires to the board (or to use another kind of connector). There is a drop menu up here to choose any of both options.

An interesting feature is the possibility to enable or disable the RS485/422 character echo by using a jumper. Some applications may use the echo to check that there weren’t collisions while transmitting data. Other applications (like modbus) want the echo disabled. To satisfy all the requirements we have put these practical jumpers to enable/disable the character echo per-channel. Echo comes disabled by default.

You can quickly check that everything is working as it should by looking at the two indicator LEDs (TX and RX) for every channel. These LEDs will turn on when receiving/transmitting data, independently for every channel.

There are also a solder jumper for every channel that enables/disables the 120 Ohm termination resistor. The resistor it’s disabled by default but you can enable it by joining the jumper with some solder.

The board has a mini USB connector and it’s powered directly using the 5V from the USB bus.


  • Up to 4 RS485/RS422 channels
  • USB high speed
  • Based on the FTDI FT4232HL chip
  • Modbus compatible
  • 256 kbps data rate
  • Up to 32 transceivers in RS485 mode
  • Up to 32 transceivers in RS422 mode
  • Selectable 120 ohm load resistor on every channel
  • Jumpers to enable/disable the character echo
  • Indicator LEDs for TX and RX on every channel
  • Practical screw terminals
  • Libraries and drivers for Windows and Linux, by FTDI




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AK-4XRS485/422 – Four USB to RS485/422 Converters

A board that convert USB into RS485/422 with four independent communication channels (including a pratical screw terminal on each channel).


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