The AK-BTS716G is a board with four optically-isolated solid state relays outputs. You can use it to power-up up to 4 devices that require 5.5V-40V DC, like DC motor, heaters, inductive and resistive loads in general. That is, you can connect an output of your Arduino or Raspberry Pi to this board and by toggling the output you can turn on and off a high power device.

The board mounts an Infineon BTS716G high side power switch (the solid state relays) that provides 4 outputs with 5.5V-40V (maximum 1A) to your high-power devices. The BTS716G is optically-isolated from the rest of the circuit by a LTV-846S from LiteOn. This means that any noise produced by the high power device (especially when it’s turned on and off) is completely isolated from your circuit, providing protection up to 5KV RMS.

The usage is pretty simple: as you may know, an opto-isolator consists on an LED and a phototransistor. On the signal connector you can find the anodes and cathodes of the opto-isolator LEDs, and by turning these LEDs on and off, you enable or disable a high power output. A 330 Ohm for each of the 4 LEDs of the opto-isolator is already mounted on the board. You supply the voltage for the high power devices by using the connector on the side. There you will provide the 5.5V to 40V.

The board comes with practical screw-terminal blocks already soldered in, for both power supply input and the outputs where you connect your high-power devices.

For the input signals you can choose whether to include an industrial-grade Molex microfit connector (the black connector seen in the pictures, model 0436500800) you can assemble and solder. If you prefer to not use the connector, you can still use standard two-rows, right or straight angle header strips (1″, 2.54mm pitch) for your connections.

We have prepared a practical guide with all the information you need to get you started.


  • 4 high power outputs driven by solid state relays.
  • Optically-isolated.
  • Power output from 5.5V to 40V.
  • 5KV RMS isolation.
  • Screw terminal blocks for high power input/output.
  • Pads to connect a Molex microfit connector or 0.1″ (2,54mm) headers.
  • 4 mounting holes.
  • Easy to use.
  • High quality PCB.




Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 40.80 × 46 × 7 mm

Include Molex microfit, Connector not included



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AK-BTS716G – 4 Optically-Isolated Solid State Relays

A board featuring four optically-isolated solid-state relays, ready to drive high-power devices like DC motors, solenoids and lamps.


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