This is the latest iteration of the well-known Proffieboard! It is the top open-source, open-hardware sound/motion/effect electronics board for lightsaber props. It contains all the electronics and software required to play audio files, show amazing LED effects and sense motion. All integrated in a tiny little board.

This new version comes with some improvements, like a newer microcontroller with more RAM and flash, USB battery charger and more! Please read our quick start-up guide for the full list of features and instructions for installation and configuration.

You can use the Proffieboard even if you don’t know much about electronics or programming, but if programming is your thing, you can optionally customize up to the last bit of the Proffieboard by writing code using the Arduino IDE (both the software and the hardware are open-source).

Optionally, with your purchase, you can choose to include a 32GB microSD card.

The board is assembled and fully tested in Italy by Artekit Labs. The microSD currently shipped is Kingston Canvas Select Plus 32GB.

Hardware features

  • STM32L452REx microcontroller.
  • High quality, matte black PCB.
  • Gold ENIG contacts to prevent oxidation.
  • Support for Neopixels.
  • USB battery charger.
  • 6 high-brightness LED drivers.
  • 6-axis motion sensor.
  • 5V boosted, class-D audio amplifier.
  • USB 2.0

Software features

  • 100% open source, you may add any feature you like (GPLv3 license).
  • Support for WebUSB for configuration through a browser.
  • Thermal Detonator support.
  • Blaster support.
  • Support for remote control via Bluetooth (with external dongle).
  • Speedy 32-bit processor makes advanced features like sound filters, synthesizing and mp3 playback possible.
  • 16-bit digital output.
  • Default sample rate is 44kHz.
  • 22kHz and 11kHz samples are supported and upsampled to 44kHz automatically.
  • Gapless playback, with 2.5ms cross-fade when you interrupt one sample to go to another.
  • Polyphonic playback, currently configured for up to 5 simultaneous samples.
  • Support for Ws281X, PL9823, SK68** or Neopixel strings (including RGBW).
  • Support for APA102 and dotstar strings.
  • Support for arbitrary 1/2/3/4/5/6-color stars/strings.
  • Supports segmented string blades (with flash string).
  • Multi-blade support for dual and crossguard setups.
  • Crystal chamber support.
  • Power-level indicator with Neopixel blade.
  • OLED PLI display.
  • IR sending and receiving.
  • RFID support
  • MTP support (drag-n-drop files from windows through USB connection).
  • POV (persistance of vision) mode.
  • Multiple blades (at the same time).
  • Accent LEDs. (also implemented as additional “blades”).
  • Spoken error messages.
  • Easy software updates.


NOTE 1: R1 resistor is unpopulated in the current batch of boards. If you want to use the low-current power switches you have to add a 100K resistor. Please check with the Proffieboard V3 documentation.

NOTE 2: The Proffieboard was created and designed by Fredrik Hübinette. A portion of each sales goes back to Fredrik to support his amazing work, continued development and product support.

Purchasing conditions: Please know that this is a community-driven project, and the boards were constructed and assembled following the official project specifications and tested with the approved test rig. By purchasing this board you accept this, and also that Artekit Labs may not be held responsible for any issue resulting from bugs or mistakes of the original design, and/or problems related to software. We will replace/refund/repair any board with factory related problems within a 90-days limit from purchase.

Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 10 mm

microSD not included, 16GB microSD, 32GB microSD



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Proffieboard V3.9

The latest version of the Proffieboard, and it comes with fantastic improvements!


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