The AK-STM32-LKIT allows you to enter the world of Cortex M3 microprocessors, due its simplicity.

Based on the STM32F103T8U6 ARM Cortex M3 from STmicroelectronics, it has an expansion port for GPIO access, dedicated pins for an external RS232 serial port and an USB communication channel, that can be used to power the board.

Nevertheless its simplicity, experienced developers are using it to make great applications, or fun stuff, like the VGA output project or the Space Invaders game hosted by Artekit.

You can use any ARM JTAG to debug or flash the board. You may be interested in our AK-LINK JTAG adapter.


  • Based on the STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex M3 model STM32F103T8U6, QFN36 package (click here for detailed information).
  • 64KB internal flash
  • 20KB of RAM
  • Max. internal clock at 72MHz.
  • 8 MHz oscillator quartz
  • Power-ON Reset on board
  • 2 user LEDS
  • 1 RS232
  • 1 USB B-Type connector
  • 20-pin standard JTAG connector
  • Boot option switch
  • Powered through USB cable or external 5V power supply
  • External I/O and peripheral expansion connector
  • USB channel in native mode



Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 66 × 34 × 10 mm



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AK-STM32-LKIT – STM32 Development Board

The AK-STM32-LKIT board is a small ARM Cortex M3 based development kit at a very low price.


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