March – New Products – Part 2

Finally, our shipment has arrived, full of prototyping goodness. We have 10 new products! Here they are.

400 tie point breadboard (translucent)400 tie point breadboard (white)

These are 400 tie points solderless breadboards. We have two models: translucent and a classic white. They have a self-adherent on the back and they are inter-lockable to form a larger breadboard.

Breadboard mini (black)

Breadboard mini (white)

If you think 400 tie points are too much, we have a mini breadboard version. These have 170 tie points, a self-adhesive in the back and they are inter-lockable too. We have two versions: black and white.

Jumper Wires - Female/Female (300mm)

Jumper Wires - Male/Female (300mm)

Jumper Wires - Male/Male (300mm)

Cables! One can never have enough cables. We have these 300mm jumper wires in different versions: Female to Female, Male to Female, and Male to Male. They come with a standard 0.1″ (2.54mm) connector in a flat ribbon cable composed of 10 jumper wires. Great for breadboarding.

IC Clip - Red

IC Clip - Black
These IC clips will save you a lot of time when debugging with an oscilloscope or measuring with a multimeter. With these you may reach parts of the circuit you couldn’t with a normal probe. We have these in red and black, and mate very well with jumper wires.

Jumper Wires - Breadboard Kit

Finally we have this kit of jumper wires for breadboard.  They come organized in a plastic case, in different measures (10 of each for a total of 140). Cut, bent and ready to use.

That’s it. Keep tuned for more.

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