New products - December 2021

New Products – December 2021

Hello everyone. Today we have several new products to show off: let’s begin with our Artekit WaveTooEasy.

Artekit WaveTooEasy

The Artekit WaveTooEasy is a polyphonic WAV files player that you can use to add audio to any kind of project. The best part is that you can play audio files without writing a single line of code! All it needs is a micro SD card with the audio files you want to play and a very simple configuration file. It has 10 audio channels, meaning you can play up to 10 audio files at the same time. The board will take care of the mixing in real-time – with an output latency of (typically) ~4ms!

The audio playback is triggered by sending digital signals the 16 inputs pin of the board (like with a momentary switch) or by sending commands through the serial port.

WaveTooEasy is super configurable! You can select the polarity of the signals (per pin), playback type (normal or loop), master volume, volume per channel, edge or level detection and much more!

The board comes with a micro SD slot, a 3.5W Class-D audio amplifier, with speaker and headphones output. It supports a wide power supply range (3.3V to 5V) and the inputs pins are all 5V tolerant.

We have prepared an extensive and detailed documentation, and libraries for Arduino and generic C. The firmware and hardware design are open source, available in our Github repos.


Our next products are two new SMD to DIP adapters.

QFN-32 4x4 QFN-32 6x6

These are adapters for a QFN-32 package with 4mm x 4mm (0.40 pitch) and QFN-32 package with 6mm x 6mm (0.65 pitch). Both boards come with the central pad exposed, connected to a separated pin in which you can connect the ground signal (if required). And as always, the boards comes with electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) contacts in a top quality PCB.


We have added a new distance sensor: the GP2Y0A21YK0F.

The GP2Y0A21YK0F by Sharp is an infrared distance sensor with high accuracy in the 10mm-80mm range. It is very easy to use since it outputs the measured distance as a 0V-3V analog signal. It comes with its mating cable (with JST connector). We have used this sensor in our Halloween Pumpkin project and, in case you missed it, here is a video:


We also ship the 3-pin JST PH cable used with the GP2Y0A21YK0F sensor as a stand-alone product.

JST PH 3-Pin Cable With Male/Female Connector

This is a 3-wires cable with a female 3-pin JST PH connector (2mm pitch) on one side, and open connections on the other. We include its counterpart connector: a 3 pins male JST PH connector. These cables are typically found in battery and power supply connections. Also this is the wire that ships with the GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared distance sensor.

We also ship a 4-wires version and 2-wires version of this cable.


Our next product is a DB9 metal case.

DB9 Metal Case

We already ship a plastic case, so we though we needed a larger, sturdy DB9 case and this metal case is perfect. We will be soon mating these with our AK-RS232 boards, so you can select them when purchasing a TTL-to-UART converter.

The case comes with all the screws and bolts.


Our last product for today is a pack of 4 screw terminals with 0.508mm pitch.

Screw Terminal Block - P5.08 - Pack of 4

This is a pack of four 2-pin screw terminal blocks with 5.08mm pitch, by CUI Devices.


Well, that’s all for today. Thank you for reading and keep tuned in for more new products from Artekit Labs.

The Artekit Team.

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