New products – Holidays Edition

2014 is almost gone, and also the holidays. This also means it is the perfect season to start a new project, or perhaps to complete that one you never had the time to finish. And speaking of time…

We have this new tiny RTC module.


This is the AK-DS1340, a module based on the Maxim DS1340 RTC with Trickle Charger. That is, it keeps the battery on charge so it’s always ready to backup the RTC date and time when the main power supply is gone. The module is pretty compact (a couple of millimeters tall including the battery).

Next. A breadboard power supply.


The AK-BB-POWER is a dual 3.3V/5V power supply with two separate rails that fits on the power buses of a breadboard. Each rail can deliver 3.3V or 5V, selectable by a jumper.

Then we have the AK-SI7021, relative humidity and temperature sensor.


The SI7021 from Silicon Labs is a very precise relative humidity sensor (± 3% over the 0-80% RH range). Fully factory-calibrated, just plug and play. The AK-SI7021 module is replacing the AK-SI7005. That’s because Silicon Labs is not recommending the SI7005 for new designs.

Then, the AK-AT42QT1010 capacitive touch sensor.


The AK-AT42QT1010 is a capacitive momentary switch, based on the Atmel AT42QT1010. The nice thing about the AT42QT1010 is that is very easy to use: when a person touches the pad, a pin is risen, otherwise the pin is low. That simple, you don’t even need a microcontroller. The board includes an LED that can be turned on by the AT42QT1010 when the pad is touched.

The AT42QT1010 has 0.1″ (2.54mm) spaced pins, as usual, and you can use traditional headers or these SMD right angle pins, to mount the AK-AT42QT1010 on flat surfaces.

SMD right angle pins

That’s all for now. See you with more new products in the near 2015.

Happy new year!

The Artekit team.

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