This is the breakout board for the Si7005 relative humidity and temperature sensor from Silicon Labs. The Si7005 has all the calibration data it needs stored in a non-volatile memory (factory-calibrated), so you don’t need to recalibrate it.

This breakout board implements the Si7005 version that has a factory-installed protective cover (the white label over the IC), to be safe that liquids and particles down to 0.35 microns will not interfere with the readings. This hydrophobic/oleophobic cover can be left in place for the lifetime of the product.

The Si7005 also has an integrated, resistive heater that may be used to raise the temperature of the humidity sensor. This element can be used to drive off condensation if present.

With this breakout board you can measure humidity and temperature using a single 2-wire I2C channel. Relative humidity has a 12-bit resolution, and the temperature has a 14-bit resolution.

The board has 0.1″ standard header strip connector, so you can solder a strip and plug it into most of the breadboards on the market. An Arduino sketch is provided as an example, with the data conversion functions.

The board comes fully assembled and tested.


  • Operating voltage range from 2.1V to 3.6V.
  • Relative Humidity Sensor:
    • ± 4.5 % RH (maximum @ 0–80% RH).
  • Temperature Sensor:
    • ±0.5 ºC accuracy (typical).
    • ±1 ºC accuracy (max. at 0 to 70 °C).
  • 2-wire I2C interface.
  • Breadboard friendly.
  • Protective cover.
  • Factory calibrated.




If you are using a 5V microcontroller you may need a Level Converter. Check out the tutorial about Logic Level Converters.

Additional information

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 22.10 × 14.12 × 2.98 mm



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AK-SI7005 Humidity And Temperature Sensor Breakout (Retired)

Breakout board for the the Si7005 relative humidity and temperature sensor from Silicon Labs.

This product is discontinued. This page is for reference only. For a relative humidity and temperasure sensor, check out the new AK-SI7021.


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