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New Products – a Little Bit of Everything

Hello and welcome back. This time we have two new breakout boards and some prototyping tools.

Let’s start with the AK-MP3209 – Boost Converter Breakout.



This is a boost (or step-up) converter that you can feed with a voltage between 2.6V and 5V and it will convert it into fixed 5V or 12V. Great in combination with batteries like 3.7V LiPo, to have a constant output voltage that you can use to power-up development boards. It has under-voltage lockout, current limiting, and thermal overload protection.

Then there is the AK-SN74LV595 – 8-bit Shift Register.



This is a 8-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register, compatible with the ol’ good 74HC595, but it can sink more current on its outputs. The board has the input signals on one side and the outputs on the other, so it can be easily daisy-chained.

On the prototyping side we have more IC hook clips, of several colors:

IC Hook

We already ship black and red, so we have grouped them to form a 7 IC Hook Pack.

For the Arduino family, we now ship stackable headers.Stackable Headers for ArduinoStackable Headers for Arduino R3These long-legged headers can be used to stack shields on top of the Arduino, clearing the USB connector. We have headers for Arduino UNO and headers for Arduino UNO R3.

Let’s step ahead into power supply:

Male DC 2.1mm Power Adapter Plug to Screw Terminal Block

This is a connector with a barrel plug on one end and screw terminals on the other. We use them a lot here to power-up boards, and now we are shipping them.

DC power cables: we added these alligator to barrel-type connector cables and a 9V battery snap to barrel.

2.1mm DC Barrel Jack To Alligator Clips

2.1mm DC Barrel To Alligator Clips

9V Battery Snap 5.5*2.1mm with DC plug (battery not included)Powering-up your board will be easier with these. You can found them here: DC Barrel Jack to Alligator ClipsDC Barrel Plug to Alligator Clips and 9V Battery Snap with DC Plug.

Following the alligator trend we have this pack of 12 cables with alligator clips.

Alligator test leads, pack of 12


Alligator cables are also known for not being there when you need one. We understand you and thought 12 of them will increment the chances of finding one. They come in red, black, white, yellow, green and blue. Two cables of each color.

For CR2032 users we have these new battery holders.

CR2032 Battery Socket

CR2032 Battery SocketThe one on the left is a CR2032 SMD holder, and the one on the right is a CR2032 socket that you can plug on a protoboard or breadboard. Of course you can use any 20mm coin-cell battery with these.

Lastly we have this microswitch:Waterproof momentary micro switch


This is a 3-terminals momentary microswitch with lever. It looks like a regular microswitch, but, it’s waterproof (IP67).

Phew! That was long. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon in another blog post about new entries.

Have fun!

The Artekit Team.

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