Components and Moar LEDs

New Products – Components and Moar LEDs

Welcome back to another “New Products” post. This time we have some LEDs and prototyping components.

Let’s start with the AK-SDFS-UART-B board.

AK-SDFS-UART-B - SD File System Through UART

If you’ve already tried to access an SD card with a little microcontroller you know it can be a pain. This board allows you to use a standard SD card with a microcontroller of your choice. Using a simple protocol though UART you can open/read/write/close 4 files at the same time. The AK-SDFS-UART-B supports the FAT16 and FAT32 file system formats and the resulting files can be opened and read from a PC/MAC (or any device with FAT support). It supports SD and SDHC cards. So start logging some data!

The name may sound familiar, and that’s because we already ship the AK-SDFS-UART board. The AK-SDFS-UART-B supports standard-size SD cards, while the AK-SDFS-UART is for micro SD cards. Both boards are 100% compatible.

Now to the LEDs. In addition to our 5mm LEDs we’ve added these 3mm LEDs.

3mm red LED 3mm blue LED
3mm green LED 3mm orange LED
3mm white LED 5mm white LED

These come in packs of 10, in red, blue, yellow, green, white and orange colors. The LEDs on the bottom-right, are 5mm white LEDs we skipped from the last “new products” batch.

Then we have these new DIP switches.

DIP Switch - 8 Position


These are 8 individual switches you can place on a breadboard or protoboard. Really handy!

We are now shipping these DB9 connectors:

DB9 Female Serial Connector DB9 Male Serial Connector

These are the same we use in our AK-RS232 boards. Now you can buy them separately and solder the connections you need.

Next, a 28-pin IC socket.

IC Socket - 28 Pins

These can be used to replace the one on the Arduino UNO or to place the known ATMega328 microcontroller in a way you can replace it if something goes wrong.

Lastly, a 9V battery snap with polarized cables.

9V Battery Snap

We already ship a 9V battery holder with a barrel plug. This one here allows you to choose a connector your choice.

That’s all for now. Keep tuned for more news from Artekit. Thanks for reading.

The Artekit Team.

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