New Products - January 2021

New Products – January 2021

Hello everyone! We have 3 new products for you today! A board with solid-state relays, a 1-Wire to Serial converter and an amplified microphone.

Let’s start with the Artekit AK-BTS716G.


The AK-BTS716G is a board with four optically-isolated solid state relays outputs. You can use it to power-up up to 4 devices that require 5.5V-40V DC, like DC motor, heaters, inductive and resistive loads in general. That is, you can connect an output of your Arduino or Raspberry Pi to this board and by toggling the output you can turn on and off a high power device.

The board mounts an Infineon BTS716G chip. A high side power switch (the solid state relays) that provides 4 outputs with 5.5V-40V (maximum 1A) to your high-power devices. The BTS716G is optically-isolated from the rest of the circuit by a LTV-846S chip from LiteOn. This means that any noise produced by the high power device (especially when it’s turned on and off) is completely isolated from your circuit, providing protection up to 5KV RMS.

The board comes with either an industrial Molex microfit connector you can assemble and solder, or you can purchase the board without the connector and use standard 0.1″ (2.54mm) pin headers.

Our next new product is the Artekit AK-DS2480B-UART.


The Artekit AK-DS2480B-UART is a UART/Serial to 1-Wire bridge with bidirectional protocol conversion that you can use to interface with a wide range of 1-Wire devices, like sensors, memories, authentication devices, data loggers, iButton (ex Dallas Button) and others.

If you already tried to implement the 1-Wire protocol by simply toggling a pin you probably realized that it requires a very strict timing, and basically when the 1-Wire communication is ongoing you had to prevent your program to do anything else but reading your 1-Wire device.

Here the Artekit AK-DS2480B-UART comes to the rescue. It mounts the Maxim DS2480B chip, that uses a simple serial protocol and manages all the complicated timings. You will place the AK-DS2480B-UART board between a host (an Arduino UNO, for example) and the device (or devices) you want to talk to (for example a temperature sensor).

Our last product for today is the Artekit AK-MAX9814.


This board has an electret microphone coupled to a high-gain amplifier (on the back of the board) with three configurable gain values: 40dB, 50dB and 60dB.


The high-gain amplifier allows for a variety of audio projects, including ambient audio sensing in a quite large room. But even if the board is placed close to the audio source, there is an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) that avoids the saturation of the output values.

The board is pretty simple to use: it just requires a 2.7V to 5.5V power supply. All the gain and AGC options are configured by setting some pins to either ground or VCC.

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading. Let us know in the comments and social media what you think about these new products.

The Artekit Team.

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