New Tutorial: Useful tips for learning embedded programming

Interested in learning embedded programming? Follow these handy learning tips.

“Technology-wise, it’s a great time we are living right now. With little money you can start your own workshop and learn about the fascinating world of embedded programming! Open-source tools, compilers, IDEs, low-cost development boards and thousands of articles and tutorials out there for you to start coding today.

So I came with this little list of tips and tricks that I remember I would have known when I started coding for embedded. The list is oriented to programmers like the girl/guy writing their very first lines of code up to experienced programmers from other remote galaxies like web developers. It may be useful to you if you are starting to develop for embedded systems, that go from the simplest Arduino board up to custom boards.

Most of the topics in the list are about the area I cover, that is, the microcontroller/bare-metal area of embedded programming (no high level languages or operating systems), a little on microelectronics and some other non-programming topics worth mentioning.”

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