New Products – June 2020

Hello! We have some new products! This time we have an RGB color sensor, a new version of a TTL-to-RS232 converter and a couple of new SMT adapters.

Let’s start with the color sensor.

This is the AK-APDS-9250, and breakout board featuring the APDS-9250 chip from Avago Technologies. It is an RGB and infrared sensor. It measures the ambient light and gives you through I2C values for the red, green, blue and infrared channels. Or you can use it as a generic  ambient light sensor too. We have prepared a library for Arduino and a user manual with some examples to get you started.

The next product is the AK-3232L.

The AK-3232L is a board that converts TTL signals into UART signals, and is perfect to connect your microcontroller UART to an RS232 device like, for example, a PC. It pretty similar to its older brother, the Artekit AK-3232 board, but this new version includes 4 LEDs that will turn-on when there is communication activity.

We have 2 new additions to our family of SMT adapters. These are adapters for SOT223-5 and the SOT223-6 packages.

These adapter boards break out the pins of a SOT223-5 or SOT223-6 components (like power supplies and amplifiers) into 0.1″ (2.54mm) spaced pins that match most breadboards and protoboards in the market.

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for reading. Keep tuned for more new products coming soon!

Have fun.

The Artekit Labs team.

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