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PropBoard: PBSaber

A full-featured Lightsaber firmware that runs on the PropBoard..

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PropBoard-powered, 3D printed Halo: Reach M6G Magnum Prop.

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This is the user manual and guide for the AK-CMSIS-DAP JTAG/SWD board.

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This is the user manual and guide for the AK-LINK-2 USB JTAG board.

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New Products – June 2018

Hello and welcome back to a “New Products” post. This time we have a revamp of the classic AK-RS485/422 board, a new JTAG, some adapters and a comeback.

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New Products – February 2018

Hello and welcome back to a New Products post. This time we have a new JTAG/SWD probe, a white-on-black OLED display and some handy 2-pin JST-type wires.

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Meet the Artekit PropBoard

Hello, we have some news. We are officially announcing the availability of the PropBoard! As you may know, we have announced the PropBoard some months ago, then it went through a BETA test period, and now is officially on sale!

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PropBoard: BETA batch is here

Oh, hi there! A quick update about our latest product, the PropBoard. As announced, we have been rolling a BETA version batch, and we have finished it this week.

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