New Products: AK-RS232-LED and DPAK Adapters

Hello all. Thank you for reading another New Product post. Today we have the AK-RS232-LED board and a couple of adapter packs.

AK-RS232-LED – TTL to RS232 Converter

AK-RS232-LED – TTL to RS232 converter with LEDs


Much like the traditional AK-RS232 version, the AK-RS232-LED board converts TTL signals levels into RS232 levels, making it possible to safely connect your MCU/Arduino to a RS232 device, like a PC.

In addition to being a convenient level converter, the AK-RS232-LED also has 4 LEDs, one for every TTL signal, for you to see the state of the ongoing communication. You can also select the DB9 connector gender at the moment of purchase.

TO252-5 (DPAK 5-6 pins) Adapter – Pack of 4

TO252-5 (DPAK 5-6 pins) Adapter – Pack of 4

A pack of four TO252-5 adapter boards (also known as DPAK with 5-6 pins) that breaks the pins of  a TO252-5 package IC into 0.1″ (2.54mm) spaced pins. Useful for soldering power supplies ICs and amplifiers.

TO252-5 (DPAK 5-6 pins) Adapter – Pack of 4

TO252 (DPAK 3-4 pins) Adapter – Pack of 4

TO252 (DPAK 3-4 pins) Adapter – Pack of 4

This is a pack of four TO252 adapters, also known as DPAK with 3-4 pins. It fits any DPAK-3-4 package IC and it’s very convenient for safely soldering power supplies ICs (thanks to the large gold ENIG contacts) and break out their pins into practical 0.1″ (2.54mm) pins.

TO252 (DPAK 3-4 pins) Adapter – Pack of 4

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more new products!

Have fun!

The Artekit Labs team.

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