New Product - Proffieboard V2.2

New Product – Proffieboard V2.2

Hello! We have a new product today and it is the Proffieboard V2.2!

Proffieboard V2.2

The Proffieboard V2.2 is a soundboard for lightsaber props. It has an SD card reader, a Class-D audio amplifier, 6 low-side drivers for High-Brightness LEDs and LED strips (like Neopixels), 6-axis motion sensor, micro USB connector and it’s powered by a STmicroelectronics STM32L4 MCU.

It’s an open source / open hardware project designed by Fredrik Hübinette and its software, the ProffieOS, is constantly updated and developed by Fredrik and the community.

Proffieboard V2.2

Packaged with features, the Proffieboard and the ProffieOS support different sound fonts formats, Smoothswing, and has a powerful blade style engine that you will love to play with.

This is the Artekit Labs version of the Proffie, curated by us in all the steps of its production and testing. And we have prepared a quick guide to get you started in no time.

You can purchase the Proffieboard and choose to include a 16GB microSD that we will load with the default sound files and settings.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and have fun!

The Artekit Labs team.

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